Co-operative Employees Commission is a quasi-judicial body established under the Co-operative Employees Commission Act No. 12 of 1972. Activities related to the employees of National Level Co-operative Societies and Island wide Primary Co-operative Societies are within the purview of this Commission.


To create satisfied co-operative human resource


Formulating policies to enhance human resource in the Co-operative sector for the sustainable development of the Co-operative Movement


  • Formulation of policies required for the human resource management in the Co-operative sector
  • Making necessary legal requirements for service security
  • Formulating industrial dispute resolving procedure and Providing consulting services in the co-operative sector
  • Provide guidance on actions required for employee motivation


  • Determining policies that should be followed in recruiting and promoting employees to Co-operative societies and granting of gratuity to them
  • Determining required qualifications for the recruitment of persons to posts in the Co-operative societies and determining salary scales relevant to such posts.
  • Determining procedures to be followed by Co-operative societies in disciplinary measures in relation to their employees
  • Conducting inquiries regarding appeals submitted to the commission
  • Resolving employee disputes, investigating appeals and initiating legal action against those Co-operative societies that violate orders.
  • Conducting discussions, training programs and seminars on human resources development.