Be a center of excellence for creation and dissemination of Knowledge in Co-operative movement.


To produce well-rounded trained personals who are equipped with relevant knowledge in co-operative movement with essential skills, values, and attitudes to make outstanding contributions to national development.


  • Effective development of the human capital involved in the co-operative movement of Sri Lanka
  • Contributing to bring the efficiency of the co-operative organizations to a higher level
  • Carry out research and development activities for the expansion and revival of the Co-operative movement
  • Acting as the Center development of co-operative
  • Empowering the civil society to establish and expand the co-operative movement
  • Forming a network with local and international co-operative organizations
  • Diversifying the services of the NICD to provide facilities for the state and private sector and other non-government organizations
  • Increasing the performance of the National Institute of Co-operative Development to provide an excellent service to the Co-operative sector.